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6 Adorable Baby Easter Photo Ideas

Baby photography is the cutest! Now add that with Easter holiday and you will have yourself some serious cuteness! Check out these great Easter photo ideas for babies.

 1. Bunny Ears

I must be ill. I just pinned a picture of a cute baby. When do I EVER do that

2. Easter Play Balls


3. Blanket and Bunny Ears


4. Carrot Toes

Turn little feet into carrots with this fun Easter craft... Making a carrot garland today!


5. Cotton Ball Bunny BabyOMG this is too cute!! Easter bunny - cottonballs, footprints and a photo. Too cute! Not linked to a website, but worth saving.

6. Jar of Joy Baby Photo    66d0e246eb203233d041803ba9df9a3f