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Beige Baby Room Idea With Soft Stripes

Our website has received quite a bit of attention relating to our choices of “beige” baby room ideas {who knew they were so popular this year? }.

We thought we would share another one of our favorite room designs that has beige tones in it, with a bit of a twist – the “twist”, meaning “stripes!”. Why are stripes necessary? Well they give the room more character and dimension…also, beige may get a tad boring after a while too.


Another great design choice in the picture below is the choice of “throw carpet/rug” – notice how it doesn’t match the stripe wall colors at all, yet it still LOOKS FANTASTIC! The strong green turquoise color adds so much more dimension to the space and makes you appreciate all aspects of this space. Even better, is this baby room design could pass for a baby girl’s room or baby boy’s room (unisex).

beige baby room with stripes