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Custom Storage Designs For A Play Room

Sometimes it can be hard to go out and purchase everything you envision your child’s room to look like. Perhaps the room you are working with is an awkward shape? Or maybe you really want to optimize a space for storage but don’t know how?  In times like these it is best to go with a contractor. Here are a few of our favorite custom designs that you can keep in mind when explaining to a contractor what it is you are looking for.

custom play room design

What’s so great about this colorful design is that you will still have room to sit down in your living room or child’s room and take advantage of all the space available, all the while hiding the toys neatly underneath the bench.

toy wall

This storage design will definitely add character and a unique dynamic punch to any play room. Although this is a custom design {most likely you would need a contractor}, it isn’t super complicated and wouldn’t be too pricey to create. What’s great is you can slide bins of toys in and out of the square spaces. Also, the pungent colors are so distracting your eyes wouldn’t really focus on what was in the square storage space, more so the entire space as a whole.


Want to maximize storage for your child’s bedroom? Try these fitted ceiling height shelves in white – perfect for all the toys! You may even want to consider having different sized shelves to add more character to the room and storage for bigger things. Lastly, the latter is a great touch! Perfect for getting a puzzle tucked away on the top shelf.

custom wall design