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Easy and Adorable Baby Shower Ideas – Oreo Cookie Pops!

Baby shower food can be so much fun and doesn’t have to be super time consuming. Check out this great, simple spin on traditional cake pops! It’s also the perfect amount of suga…, so even your “health conscious” friends won’t be able to resists. Also, the contrast in color will really light up any table. fun fun.
baby shower no bake treats

Baby Shower Orea Pop Recipe

  • Melt white chocolate over the stove (make sure to have a double broiler bowl and not melt the white chocolate directly over the burner as it will BURN!!).
  • Get your oreo’s out and carefully stick thin wodden sticks into the “filling part of the oreo”. You want to make sure the stick is at least 0.5 inches into the cooke (i.e. half way through the filling), so it doesn’t fall out while dipping into the chocolate!
  • The chocolate should be melted by now, so add a few (~5 drops) of blue food coloring until it is the desired blue color you want 🙂 Note: If you want to make them “pink”, just add a few drops of red food coloring and voila!
  • Hold the end of the wooden stick and carefully dip each oreo into the blue colored white chocolate {yummm}. For best results only dip half of each cookie into the chocolate.
  • Hang the chocolate upside down for a 30 seconds to harden. This is important as you don’t want the chocoalte to run down the side of the cookie and ruin the “look” of the “Oreo Pop!”
  • Now that the oreo has been covered in chocolate and semi-hardened, sprinkle some “blue sprinkles” on the cookie to jazz it up! If you really want to get snazzy, add a “blue ribbon” to each oreo.