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Easy Baby Shower Favors – Chocolate Marshmallow Smores Sticks

Organizing a baby shower can be tough…especially when you aren’t super artsy or creative and want to give a thoughtful/fun gift for the attendees. If you are having a boy why not try these adorable “simple” marshmallow smore/chocolate sticks?! I mean, even your “healthy obsessed” friends will probably eat them {who wouldn’t eat a marshmallow??!}. They will be a hit {trust me on this one}. The hardest part will literally be just getting the ribbon.

This would be fun to make S'more flavored!!! Dip in Chocolate and sprinkle graham cracker on them! Also another good idea for t

As per the ingredients, all you will need is:

  • marshmallows
  • Sticks
  • Chocolate (bakers melted chocolate or semi-sweet will work)
  • Blue sprinkles (or pink …if your having a girl)
  • Ribbon (you can buy this at Michael’s or any craft store for cheap)
  • Clear baggies