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Gorgeous Pink Dresser For A Baby Girl Nursery

If you are like me and “love” unique pieces of furniture and lamps (I have a special place in my heart for one-of-a-kind lamps), you will appreciate the design featured in this post for a baby girls room.

I’m aware that the furniture is “super” girly, but keep in mind the walls are painted chocolate brown (aka you need strong accent pieces to get the feeling you are in a “baby girl’s room!). Overall,the dresser is very unique as it looks like a vintage piece of furniture that has been “re-painted” pink. I especially like all the embellishments and added details on it (aka the bottom is carved beautifully). Also, the pink-ruffled lamp is so soft-looking and unique. Lastly, the dresser is high enough that your baby won’t be able to touch anything on the top of the dresser.

girll These two pieces (pink dresser and lamp) are perfect accent pieces for you baby girl’s nursery.