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Great DIY Baby Room Ideas

Ever wanted to put something more unique and crafty into your child’s room? Most people thing that all these DIY projects take endless hours and are extremely complicated. Well, this isn’t always the case. We found some simple, and beautiful DIY projects that are also symbolic {added bonus!}.

DIY PROJECTS This project is great because all you will need is some string, a carved letter {preferably of your baby’s first initial or your last name’s first initial}, and a peacock feather. The work mainly entails just tightly wrap the string around the carved letter {note: you probably wouldn’t have to carve a letter yourself, as there are so many you can buy at Micheal’s Craft Store or such}. For the feather, you can simple purchase a peacock feather on Amazon {that’s what I did} – I provided the link below.

You can also purchase a carved letter from Amazon if you want {makes things super easy}