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More Baby Shower Food Ideas – Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Since you all have been really enjoying my posts on baby shower food, I thought I would continue the trend. So many people I know are having babies soon and asking  about “fun baby shower ideas”, I couldn’t resist writing more.

Baby Shower Food

The picture below is of chocolate covered strawberries I made this summer. They are super easy to make, look fabulous and taste amazing! All you need is white chocolate, dark chocolate (for the swirl decorations),a fork, two pots (one for white chocolate and dark chocolate), red food coloring icing, and sprinkles!

In a nutshell, just melt white chocolate over the stove and dip the strawberries in {make sure to hold the leaf/stem at the top and not drop the whole strawberry in the chocolate – although that would be fun trying to scoop it out}. If you want to make them “pink”, just add a few drops of red food coloring and voila! For the dark colored swirls, just melt “milk chocolate” in a separate pot, and careful with a fork swirl melted chocolate over the pre-hardened chocolate that should already be on the other strawberries. For the “white” swirls, just pick up some icing from the store (or make your own- too time consuming for this gal).

My favorite part was definitely putting sprinkles on a few of the chocolate-covered strawberries. The diverse decorations makes the whole plate come together and look fabulous!


pink covered strawberries