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Polka Dot Perfection For The Nursery!

Polka dots are a hot trend!

Classy small dots and fabulous large ones are favorites around the world. Polka dots will allow you to personalize a room with a stylish flair

Below are some great ideas for polka-dot baby rooms:

1. Budget Polka Dot Nursery

On a budget? DO IT YOURSELF with sponge painting or wall decals! You can find some cute decals on Etsy.

polka dots

The beautiful gold polka dot decals can be put anywhere, furniture, ceilings and/or walls creating a visually stimulating space for baby!

2 . Polka Dot Accents

These accent ideas really help tie the whole room together, if you aren’t totally sold on a whole room of dots.

crib dots

One thing that our team loves is the polka dot crib sheets!

polka dot bedding

3. Polka Dot Blankets

These beautifully soft, cuddly baby blankets will look and feel gorgeous!

Introduce some Polka dot bedding to add a touch of class!

rose mink blanket

Rose Mink Polka Dot Blanket – perfect stoller blanket or accent piece for your crib!


4. Less is More Polka Dot Nursery

The beautiful light fixture and comfortable gray chair stand out with the addition of polka dots creating a “less is more” clean finish! Grey nurserygolden dots