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The Best Mom and Baby Activities – Subscription Box Crafts

In this post we are going to switch things up a bit. We just have to tell you about this really cool new thing for moms called “subscription boxes”! You basically pay a small fee and depending on the service you go with, the company will send you a box full of gifts/crafts/products in the mail.

green kids crafts 34

Our favorite one for kids is called Green Kids Crafts (refer to picture below). Green Kids Crafts is a green company that provides creative activities to do with kids through a craft kit subscription service and eco- friendly art boxes. Every month you can look forward to receiving a special delivery with 3-4 fun and exciting nature themed projects and bonus projects to do with your child.

subscription box

Why Subscription Boxes For Kids?
If you’d like to sit down with your child each month, have some fun and learn something new without shopping for materials or planning activities then monthly subscription boxes for kids might be the way to go.

While not all subscription boxes for kids are equal (in price or quality), there are some that really hit the mark when it comes to creating really good learning experiences for kids.

If you are interested at all, they have some great deals going on at the moment.