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7 Cute Baby Hairstyles

Just as decorating your baby’s room is important, so is styling your little one’s hair! There are so many cute baby hairstyle’s out there, we thought that you wouldn’t mind seeing a few of our favorites.

Cute Baby Hairstyle 1: Princess Bun


Cute Baby Hairstyle 2: Angel Hair French Braid

This is the cutest baby hairstyle if your little one has very thin hair and you want to do something fancy.

cute baby hairstyle

Cute Baby Hairstyle 3: Three Side Part and Pig Tailscute baby hairstyle

Cute Baby Hairstyle 4: Soft Pigtails

cute baby hairstyle


 Cute Baby Hairstyle 5: Bangs and A Side Bun

baby hairstyles

Cute Baby Hairstyle 6: Quarter Pony Tails



Cute Baby Hairstyle 7: Bow Band