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Designing A Small Nursery

Designing a nursery on its own can be a bit stressful…yet alone having to do it on a budget or small space. However it doesn’t have to be this way. Below are some great design ideas for small baby rooms.

tiny budget tiny room

The key with the baby room above is the light colors. In small spaces, darker colors make the room look more crowded and ugly looking. It’s best to just get a gorgeous rug as an accent piece or put a frame on the wall with the same accent color.

smaa nursery Now if you nursery is so small you have absolutely no room for a changing table, you can always convert the closet into one! I would suggest picking up a small little dresser  and attaching little mirrors to the back of the closet.


small nursery 2 We can’t stop thinking about the above baby cart. Let’s face it, diapers wipes, lotions and all that other jazz can really take over the baby room and make such a nasty mess. The cart allows everything to stay organized


Small baskets can be hung on a wall to conveniently hold toys or books.

The baby room above shows how you can save a lot of space in a small nursery by attaching a tub to the wall. We really had fun using the different sized tubs and making them at different heights. New parents love this as all of the toys can be simply removed from the floor in minutes!